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Screen Grabber v2.1 is out and available on Mac App Store. This new version have updated graphics and integrates better with Quicktime. Movie files are found by the systems file types, instead of a hard coded list of file extensions, this should be future proof for new movie file types as long as the new codecs correctly register themselves.

Screen Grabber v2.0.1 added only a few small bug-fixes related to QuickTime codecs, and added translations for:

  • French by AurĂ©lien Chaudagne
  • Japanese by Christopher Li
  • Swedish by Fredrik Olsson
  • Traditional Chinese by Jack M.H. Lin

If you want to make a translation for another language, or have ideas for for what feature to add, improve, or remove(?) forfuture updates then send me an e-mail.

ScreenGrabber 2.1

ScreenGrabber 2.1 is a Mac OS X application for grabbing screen shots at even timeintervals from a movie. Very useful for creating previews, and thumbnails.

Version 2.0 is a complete rewrite of ScreenGrabber 1.0 adding many features, slimming the code base, and a much better platform for continued development. New features are (User configurable):

  • Batch process movie files, and/or directories.
  • Embed movie information:
    • General information.
    • Video resolution.
    • Audio frequency.
    • Data rates.
    • Codecs used.
  • Embed image timestamps.
  • Spiffy borders.
  • Image spacing..
  • Background colour
  • Nerd features:
    • Uses bindings.
    • Component based (Automator anyone?).
    • Multithreaded (Incomplete support in QTKit).

Screen Grabber 2.0 is a Universal application that runs natively on Mac OS X 10.4 or later for both PowerPC and Intel. The application uses the QuickTime API for decoding moview, so proper codecs for QuickTime for the media files you want to work with are also required. Full source code is available under BSD license.

Install from Mac App Store

Screen Grabber v2.1 0.3MB

Source Code at github

Screen Grabber v2.1